Tom M. (Chicago, IL)

The big problem was how to get inbetween the two buildings where water was starting to permeat the brick at the foundation. Romen gave me a menu price, due to my concerns and limits with spending.  It arrived quickly by email and followed by hard copy.  I initiated a portion of the work, and they proceeded.Even with bringing in a very small tuckpointer to get between the buildings, they were only able to get back 18′ from the front.  Romen and his team then arranged to install flashing and gutters the whole length of the building to prevent water from going in between the buildings, with no charge for the tuckpointing on the east wall they did complete, and for the same price as what that would have cost.They indicated they will continue to think about how to get the rest of the brick/tuckpointing repaired in the meantime, but were confident this would prevent any more water infiltration for the time being.  They were efficient, quiet and always on time.  The work in total took three visits and the other brick/tuckpointing work is completed and looks fine.  I just recommended him to another project for one of our clients. 

Note that Coast to Coast was the fourth contractor from here on Angie’s List to bid the work, and the only one who provided a complete quote and attempted to do the difficult work between the buildings.  Two of the other three did not even provide numbers, when they said they would and disappeared, the third was the other highest rated for my area on here, and called to say that they could do the other accessible work, gave me an outline of what should happen to the work between the buildings, but passed on that portion of the work as they felt they could not address it themselves. 

I was more than pleased that Romen stepped up to the plate, made no unrealistic promises, yet did what they could to resolve it.  I am sure if Coast to Coast comes across a very tiny tuckpoint person, I will be getting a call and would welcome his team back to finish the east wall tuckpointing. 

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