Stephanie B. (Glencoe, IL)

Don’t look any further. We purchased an older home and our chimney started spitting bricks within a few weeks. We had known that the house/garage needed some tuckpointing, but the chimney moved our timeline up significantly. Turns our our chimney liner had been questionably installed and looked like squashed Swiss cheese, which was causing the rest of the chimney to deteriorate prematurely. Fortunately, we found Coast to Coast, and Stan and his crew so exceeded our expectations. We could not be happier. They worked efficiently, professionally, transparently, the price was fair, and they did a wonderful job. Communication leading up to and throughout the work was stellar. They wore masks and practiced social distancing, and went so far above and beyond what we expected when it came to spot tuckpointing and repairing our garage. This quote from Stan says it better than my review ever could: “we did a little more than we said we would, but I’m ok with it if you are.” As long as we are in the area, Coast to Coast are our masons for life.


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