Sandra A. (Warrenville, IL)

We contacted Coast To Coast for an estimate in early January after having to have our fireplace box replaced due to water damage.  They came out and we got their bid the very next day.  We had to wait for the weather to break (not such a easy thing to time this year) but unfortunately, the day we contracted for was cold and wet.  They came out on the first day but could only set up the scaffold due to high winds and rain.  Once they got started, this group was fast.  They removed all the debris and rebuilt the chimney, poured a new cap and tuck pointed all in 1 day.  They are super efficient, and did a great job on the cleanup too.  Can’t say enough good things about this group.  You sometimes don’t like to contract for this stuff but, their prices are very competitive and after the having this work, I can highly recommend them!

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