Peter O. (Westmont, IL)

Roman called on the service day (today) and confirmed the appointment which was great.  He came out and explained in detail the chimney re-build that he recommended.  Despite some cold/slippery conditions he still ascended the roof to review the chimney.  He provided an ballpark figure of the work which was nice as it allowed me to make a decision today.  In addition he did go into detail on the mechanics of the job and the material.  I appreciated this approach vs. the dumbed down approach that prior contractors have given to me….With another contractor in the past I thought the person was going to pat me on the hand and give me a lollipop after concluding his sales pitch.  Not the case with Roman and at no time did I feel pressured to commit to his proposal.  Also of notes is Roman did not suggest anything major for the chimney section within my attic. Other companies despite there stellar work seem to suggest “extras”.. 

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