Neil S. (Chicago, IL)

Perfect!  They do the job the right way, are neat and get the work done on time, and they don’t take shortcuts.  I had unsuccessfully tried off and on for three years to find a masonry guy to remove an old unused dryer vent then patch the hole with bricks, which sounds like a simple job but no one wanted to do it.  Most contractors didn’t even want to come onsite and the few that did wanted to do odd half-assed solutions … one even suggested sending my wife out antiqueing to find something he could mount to the wall to cover the hole.  That same contractor also wanted me to go out and find the replacement bricks.  

Romen from Coast to Coast was the only one to actually recommend removing the half bricks and replacing them with full bricks.  He found the bricks himself and they matched extremely well considering my house was constructed using a unique tan brick back in 1964.

If you go with another masonry contractor after reading this and end up unhappy, you only have yourself to blame.  :c D

I have future work to be done on our fireplaces and when he inspected the job to be quoted it was obvious he knew more than the other contractors that provided quotes, and his proposal didn’t take any shortcuts.


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