Nancy S. (Chicago, IL)

The job was quite small and I had difficulty even getting people out to look at it because it was such a small job. Romen came out in September 2011, even after I told him that the job was very small. He was on time for the day of our estimate and was very pleasant. I was eventually able to secure two other bids. Coast to Coast was in the middle in terms of cost, but given how Romen treated me as though I was doing a $10,000 job, I opted for Coast to Coast. 

Because Coast to Coast Masonry was pretty busy, Romen couldn’t schedule me until a Wednesday in November.  I was fine with that, because I just wanted to make sure it was patched in time for the winter.  The Monday before my repair, Romen called me to reschedule for that Friday instead because a job they were working on was going to take longer than expected.  Now how is that for customer service?  Tell me how often a contractor is that proactive and I’ll tell you how many times I had seen a leprechaun in my lifetime until that day:  zero.  With that lead time, I had no problem rescheduling my work-from-home day. 

The day of the fix the person (did not get the gentleman’s name) showed up on time.  He was there for a few hours and did a beautiful job.  He was able to match the mortar to my existing mortar.  You can’t even tell that there was a repair in that area.  I opted to wait through the winter before reporting, as I wanted to make sure that the mortar held up during winter’s vicious freeze/thaw cycles.  The work is quality and the customer service is absolutely outstanding.  These people know what customer service and quality service is all about.

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