Marjorie O. (Arlington Heights, IL)

We obtained 3 estimates for this job and “Coast to Coast” was marginally the most expensive, but we felt so comfortable with Romen that we decided to go with his company. It proved to be the right decision. The job was scheduled in a timely manner for 2 weeks later and 3 workers arrived on the arranged date and immediately set to work protecting the work area and setting up scaffolding. They thoroughly ground out the old mortar and the color of the new mortar was an excellent match. A new cap was poured for the top of the chimney. They installed a new chimney liner and the other liners were inspected using a camera which was shown to us on the computer as it was performed. All in all, it was an excellent job , particularly since you cannot tell where the new work was performed. A number of additional items were performed like painting the flashing, replacing some rotten wood near to the chimney and a second chimney top liner was replaced without extra charge. This was a very pleasant and professional company with whom to do business. They did a really good job in cleaning up the site on completion of the work. Also, I particularly liked the fact that Romen sent us a copy of their insurance without being asked for it . I can highly recommend them.

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