Kate D. (Chicago, IL)

The guys doing the work were nice and explained the work they did thoroughly.  I can’t speak to their timeliness or communication process as my neighbor (fellow association member) managed the process.  
Last night we had the first substantial rain since the work was done.  One of the windows around which flashing was installed is leaking again.  The flashing on the sliding door has held up but the water has come through the third floor porch, with water being redirected to the soffit between floors.  The water on the soffit was something the guy doing the work suggested may happen, but that he didn’t expect any significant volume of water.  There was a lot of water weighing down the soffit and dripping from it. 
So, the flashing didn’t work 100%, but the good news is that Coast to Coast responded immediately to our call for follow up, and said any updated repairs will be done at no additional cost.  They have been very responsive and helpful. 
I’m updating my review, now that the work is complete.  Coast to Coast did quite a bit of extra work that would outside the proposal, as the leaking was partially based on the original diagnosis and partially based on the poor flashing on the roof.  They came back and fixed the flashing on the roof, which we very much appreciated. 
The water on the soffit is still an issue, but Coast to Coast was very responsive and asked us to call as soon as we find a time for him to come out and evaluate the leaking, so that we can fix it.  From a customer service perspective, I couldn’t ask for more.  Many thanks, Coast to Coast!

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