Karen W. (Clarendon Hills, IL)

I really can’t say enough about Coast to Coast.  We’ve had a number of water issues involving both our brick masonry facade on the first floor of the house and in our poured concrete crawl space.  Our house is almost fifty years old and was not well maintained before we purchased it, so we have had a number of very unusual problems.  Coast to Coast has successfully addressed at least five big problems we’ve had over the last two years including waterproofing our exterior brick, waterproofing the exterior of our crawlspace foundation, and tuck pointing.  This review is for the most recent repair, where Romen and Stanley have found the source of some water that made its way through our brick before landing inside our crawlspace on the concrete foundation footing. 
Like I said, our house is almost fifty years old.  We’re basically rebuilding it as the original owner (who we bought the place from two years ago) didn’t maintain it very well.  Among the many different contractors we’ve had address problems (electricians, plumbers, interior work, roofers, the list goes on), Coast to Coast has been the absolute best.  All of the work they’ve done for us (many days worth now) has been well planned, fast, and done right the first time.  

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