Judith H. (Glenview, IL)

This group is very professional.  From the get go they did what I wanted them to do: seal my leaking basement walls with concrete mortar and assure me that efflorescence would be eliminated or minimized.  They did this by removing all prior coatings, then applying with steel rivets a polymeric mesh to hold concrete mortar, which was applied in two separate coatings. 
During the entire process I was constantly and appropriately apprised of their work and issues they were correcting.  All of my old brick walls were coated by the end of one week, and I was advised to call them about any concerns.  Within a second week there were hairline cracks in some of the mortar, so they came back, removed the defective sections, and recoated the walls with a different formulation, and smoothed the second application.  They were very professional in all aspects of their work, and cleaned up well when they finished.  Again, I was advised to call if there were any further concerns.  I had none. 
I myself have experience with concrete and mortar, but I could never do the kind of professional job they did.  Once I let the mortar coating cure appropriately, which took approximately three weeks, I then applied two coats of sealer.  My basement walls look better now than at any time since I have owned the house, about twenty-eight years, during which the walls had been resealed twice.  
The expertise and professionalism shown by Coast to Coast should be emulated.  Their business model is excellent, and I would not hesitate to use them again. 

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