John R. (Glen Ellyn, IL)

Everything was an A overall except for the weather.  Too bad they couldn’t control that too! 
Roman arrived at the scheduled time, looked over the chimney, took pictures,  and took a piece of brick to match.  He was friendly and professional.    He gave me an estimate verbally.  I received two other estimates from other masonry companies.  His was in the middle. He sent me a formal  written proposal in the mail the next week and the same proposal via email. Signed the proposal, mailed it off and scheduled the work to be done. 

The mason came as scheduled, set up scaffolding, being mindful of the landscaping, and positioned boards off the scaffolding so he wouldn’t have to walk on the roof.  I inspected  the work in the evening each day and saw how extensive the damage was. They replaced quite a few whole bricks.  The mason thoroughly cleaned up the area around the scaffolding and on the roof.  There  was no splattered mortar or chunks of debris anywhere. 

Some key points about this job were how well the new bricks and mortar color matched the old. The house was built in 1959.  You would be hard pressed to pick out the replaced bricks. Also, all the mortar joints were the same.  There weren’t some thin or thick and there weren’t any odd size chunks of brick stuck anywhere.  Roman and the mason were very professional.  Besides the workmanship, I was impressed by the fact that Roman made a follow-up call to see if I was satisfied  after the work was completed.  Too many businesses seem to be afraid to do that.

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