Connie H. (Western Springs, IL)

Romen met with me within a day after I called, and provided me with a very detailed quote with costs for each job, and explained every aspect of all three jobs.  I had 2 meetings with other contractors (one higher and one lower quote), but only Romen explained the difference between new brick work and restoration work.  He spent much more time going over the details with me and really observing what he would need to do than any other contractor.  He noticed water on the basement floor under the cement porch floor and found a small crack causing the problem, which he had his crew fix.  No other contractor noticed it.  

Our house is 90 years old, and we were concerned that the large front porch and chimney would look new.  But the crew dismantled the porch and usable bricks were cleaned and re-used, as was the chimney.  The porch had two layers of brick–inside and out–and dismantling and reconstructing was a very big job.  The Coast to Coast team were very professional, and careful not to hurt shrubs and plants in the area of the porch. One of the men even dug up hostas in the area and transplanted them so that we could use them again later!  All the work took 6-1/2 days, and they worked on Saturday.  The greatest compliment we can pay Romen and his crew is that it’s difficult to tell that any work was done because they did such a fabulous job restoring our old house.  We’re absolutely thrilled with the job Coast to Coast did–thank you!

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