Claudia & David D. (Glen Ellyn, IL)

Coast to Coast (Mr. Ziaja) did a great job. He came out to give us an estimate in spite of a heavy rainfall. Before hiring Coast to Coast my husband and Mr. Ziaja communicated back and forth as questions came up. After he was hired Mr. Ziaja said he would do the work in two weeks (August 1, 2015). He said that if we needed him to do the work on a weekday it would be six weeks. My husband and I were happy that he could do the work so quickly. A few days before the work was to be completed, Mr. Ziaja brought out a number of brick samples to make sure that the brick he ordered matched the existing chimney. On August 1, Mr. Ziaja and his crew showed up just before 7. They set up a scaffolding adjacent to the chimney. I was so impressed that they did not destroy the plants in the garden immediately under the scaffolding! I REALLY APPRECIATED THAT! The worked efficiently and quietly. The crew removed all of the broken bricks and chimney cap. Then they rebuilt the top of the chimney, installed a new chimney cap and tuckpointed the entire chimney. By 3pm Coast to Coast had wrapped up. At that point Mr. Ziaja said that he would be back in the am to clean off the chimney. (A step he told us about before he was hired) He asked if he could come at 7am. My husband said yes. Mr. Ziaja asked my husband and I if were were satisfied. He said he wanted us to be satisfied. We told Mr. Ziaja that yes were were very satisfied! The next day Mr. Ziaja was prompt. He cleaned off the chimney. When he was done the entire chimney looked GREAT! The old and new brick looked seamless. Mr. Ziaja loaded up all the cracked bricks and buckets of debris as my husband wrote a check. When Mr. Ziaja left every sign that there had been work was gone. The one tiny comment I would make to Mr. Ziaja to help future customers……please advise customers that mortar and other debris will make a mess on the inside of the house. In complete fairness to Mr. Ziaja the fireplace in my living room is currently blocked with furniture from another room.  PLUS I didn’t even think about the possibility of dirt and debris coming down the chimney. I do NOT hold this against Coast to Coast. I just didn’t even think about it.  Thanks Coast to Coast!!!


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