Carol B. (Barrington, IL)

Romen Zajac came out in late March to give us an estimate on replacing the cap on our chimney before we replaced our roof.  We were also unsure about the condition of the rest of the chimney.  Roman was polite and professional and not only checked out our chimney but checked the condition on our entire brick house.  He told us that the chimney needed some tuckpointing but the rest of the house was in good shape.  I pointed out a few small mortar cracks by our front door and asked if they could be tuckpointed after doing the chimney and he said it was no problem. After we chose our roofer, the roofer told us to have the flashing removed around the chimney so any repairs could be done before he put new flashing on.  We brought this up to Roman and he had no problem with it.  The Coast to Coast crew came out on a Saturday and was polite and efficient and went right to work.  When they removed the flashing they found that some more tuckpointing needed to be done.  When they were done, they caulked the tops of the baby tins to insure we would not get water in the house should it rain before the roofer started.  They also used a camera to check the condition of our flues and said everything looked good.  The crew came back three days later to remove the forms for the concrete cap and apply the sealer.  The project went smoothly and we were very pleased with the experience.

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