Brian F. (Lakewood, IL)

It was a pleasure to work with Romen.  He came out to the house for the estimate and was extremely thorough.  He investigated each area of concern and spent considerable time understanding what the issue was and coming up with a plan of attack.  I was very interested in the details, and he spent time diagramming the wall structure for me, explaining how a properly constructed wall should work and what the problem was and how they would fix it. The estimate was very thorough, and unlike other estimates that limited the tuckpointing to certain exterior walls or portions of walls, Romen’s team would examine all walls of the house and tuckpoint anything that needed to be done. It was reassuring to know that when completed, there should be no further issues. HIs team showed up on time and worked extremely hard.  All the tuckpointed joints blended in with the existing masonry and for each window and door they painstakingly removed all the previous dried caulk, cleaned out the joints and tooled in a smooth coat of caulk on each window/door.  Any areas I was concerned about, were quickly addressed.  The crew cleaned up after themselves and actually did a better job of putting away and rolling up the outside hose than I usually do. I would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them for any masonry work.  It is enjoyable to work with someone who cares about their craft, wants to see the job done right and has a team that works hard and takes pride in their work. 

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