Barbara H. (Libertyville, IL)

Romen came out promptly to give us a quote on tuckpointing & a small repair on our 40 year old house. The quote was slightly higher than another quote we received, but he was so positive and eager to get the work done, we decided to go with him. Our other quote had also included a repair to our concrete chimney cap, and Romen was willing to add that to his quote without additional charge. 
He also noted that a limestone sill below our back door had shifted and added that repair as an option for current or future repair as needed. 
His workman was prompt, professional, pleasant, and cleaned up well after himself, and did a very good job with the details of the work. Our only complaint (initially) was that the color of the mortar was too dark in some places to match the old mortar. Romen sent his workman back out to apply acid to the mortar to lighten it within a few days. It helped somewhat, but there were areas that were still very obvious to us. We were a bit frustrated and thought that it would never be right and were reluctant to have them come back out to have it “made right”. Romen patiently convinced us to allow them another try to get it right. He sent his partner out quickly, and he used tools and brushes to scrape down the new mortar a small amount, and ‘magically’ it was then nearly perfect. 
We are very happy to have used Coast to Coast, as, in the end, the job was very well done. We suspect that most companies would have said that the color match was close enough initially, and certainly would have given up after the second attempt. Romen was tenacious enough and was willing to keep at it until we were completely satisfied with the work. He even said they would return again, and grind out the mortar and start again if necessary to get it right. We can’t remember the last time we dealt with a company that was willing to go so far to make their customer completely satisfied. We HIGHLY recommend them. 

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