Andy K. (Chicago, IL)

Most of the front of our home is a brick veneer/fascia. In recent years the effect of Chicago weather took it’s toll on a particular section, with sections of brick falling off. We got four quotes from various service providers, with most suggesting that we take down what we have and replace with stone or new brick, with the highest quote being over $17k. Romen from Coast-to-Coast came out, surveyed the situation, and developed a much more creative solution. The vast majority of our brick was fine. He recommended only replacing the necessary portion, with a total cost of under $4k. But not only did they save us a lot of money, they did it with quality and class. When we asked for a couple things to be re-done (e.g. caulking around a window or repair to siding), never once were we treated as if we were inconveniencing them. And whatever we asked for, they typically did above and beyond. Bottom-line: we got high quality work done, professionally, for a very good deal. We could not be happier with the work of Coast-to-Coast Masonry.

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