Andrew G. (Wheaton, IL)

Roman came out and met with me to discuss the job.  I appreciated that he was willing to meet me. Several other companies were content to drive by and look at the job.  I really wanted to meet whoever would be doing the work.  Roman’s office then provided me with a very detailed, written job description and quote. We set a date. I later needed to push the job back a week and they were very nice about accommodating the change. They emailed me the day before with a reminder and told me what time to expect them.  They showed up on time. The job consisted of taking the soldier bricks from above the windows, taking out the old, rusted lintels, putting down a waterproof shield, putting in new lintels and weep holes, and then closing back up, re-using the existing bricks.  They had a 5 person crew come out and completed the job in about 4 hours.  Someone came back out the next day to wash the bricks and the shutters. The crew was friendly and professional.

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