A B. (Deerfield, IL)

I first met Romen from Coast-to-Coast about 10 years ago when I had a cracked chimney cap.  The contractor I’d called for an estimate recommended that I fill the crack with epoxy and cover the cap with a waterproof coating.  I didn’t think that was the right way to do the job and the price I was quoted wasn’t exactly cheap.  So I checked around and someone gave me the number for Coast-to-Coast.  Long story short, rather than doing a questionable repair like the first guy suggested, Coast-to-Coast removed the old chimney cap, tuckpointed the brick, and poured a new cap in place of the old one.  The finished result looked terrific and clearly was the correct way to do the job.  To top it off, they charged me less than the price the other guy quoted me.  So I was very happy and made a point to keep their number in case I needed more work done later on.

Well, this past April I purchased a commercial condominium space that is block and masonry construction.  It’s an older building and needed a bunch of repairs due to water damage and neglect.  So I contacted Romen at Coast-to-Coast and he came out to do an inspection and quote me a price.  They ended up replacing the old steel exit door, power washing all the interior walls, filling hundreds of holes drilled into the walls, tuckpointing all the joints, repairing the exterior walls, caulking the windows, and various other stuff.  The work was done quickly, professionally, and at a very reasonable price.  On top of that, they even fixed a couple of things that weren’t covered in the quote and didn’t charge me for the extra work.  Everyone knows how hard it is to find good contractors, and what a relief it is when the work is done right, on time, and on budget.  By those standards, I have to say Coast-to-Coast has to be one of the best, most professional, companies I’ve ever worked with. 

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