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Step 1 is obviously recognizing a problem. Like a doctor may not know what a downpipe is on his car, he can still recognize when something does not sound right. So, when you notice cracks in your bricks or mortar around your window, you don’t have to be a scientist – you know something doesn’t look right! Step 2 is to give Coast to Coast Masonry, your local masonry experts, a call. The call is simple – we take small notes of the issue, grab your number and address, and set up a 1 hour time window to go check out the issue, for free!


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Steps 3 to 4

Step 3 is when one of our project estimators visit your project site and evaluate the issue. A key part of our evaluations is to look for the root problem. We work our best to be a one stop shop and provide peace of mind when proposing our work. Step 4 follows as our project estimator writes up the proposal and our office emails it to our clients.

Looking for a free estimate on your masonry issues in Chicago or surrounding suburbs, call Coast to Coast Masonry today at 847-438-9165!

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Steps 5 to 7

Step 5 is where the ball is in your court. You have our proposal and if you would like to proceed with our company, we ask that you sign the quote and get it back to us. Step 6, we proceed with scheduling your work, looking for brick matches as necessary and getting all materials ready for your project. Step 7 is our arrival on site and proceeding with the work. As always proposed, we work in a craftsman like manner and do our best to keep our work area clean.

Local Chicago Masonry Experts

At CTC, we repair, restore, protect, and preserve masonry including brick, stone, or even a chimney crown. Whether it is chimney problems, masonry issues, or a stainless steel chimney liner installation our expert masons are here to help. We use the latest masonry technology, ladder safety, and roof safety techniques to restore brick and protect your home.

We at CTC Masonry are the complete solution to your masonry needs and making your chimney last longer. We highly value our clients and seek to gain their confidence by offering the highest level of customized chimney tuckpointing services and masonry products at a competitive price.

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