Reoccuring Cracks in Brick/Mortar

mortar cracking - Foundation crack

Brick, stone, mortar, etc… you drive by it every day – some of it is brand new, while other buildings are almost 100 years old. The question then comes… why is this 100 year old brick house still standing and my bricks and mortar are cracking, chipping, or spalling 1 year after I had them repaired on a brand new house. These reoccurring cracks in mortar, or damage in bricks, will have a root problem. If not taken care of at the root, you will be emptying your wallet over and over on your house. Two common root problems of reoccurring cracks in mortar or damage in bricks are foundation cracks and improper flashing.


Reoccurring Damage Mortar/Brick


Foundation Cracks

Reoccurring cracks in mortar or damage in bricks from foundation cracks will often happen at early stages of a new house. As the foundation needs to settle, it is suspect to cracking. A foundation crack shifts the whole house and even if it is only a tiny bit, brick and mortar is not very flexible! So, like a cracked windshield, even if the cracks are filled in, it is still weakened, suspect to more movement, and more cracking. Having your foundation stabilized can be a pricy project, but it is preventive maintenance towards a possibility of many more issues.

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improper flashing - damaged bricks

Improper Flashing

As foundation cracks deal damage from below and can cause reoccurring cracks in mortar or damage in bricks, improper or nonexistent flashing, is the culprit on the other end. Especially in Chicago like temperatures where freeze and thaw often occurs, if your house cannot provide an umbrella like effect steering away moisture from the top, your brick, stone, and mortar will begin to absorb much more moisture than it can handle. If you have window sills, or limestone copings where snow or ice can build and slowly melt under and freeze again when absorbed by brick below – you are suspect to reoccurring cracks in mortar or damage in bricks. Removing and resetting these pieces with proper flashing is the fix!

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