How To Install a Chimney Liner

Chimney Liner - Liner Installation

There is always some plumbing, landscaping, and even masonry jobs can become a simple DIY project. Unfortunately, when it comes to installing a fireplace liner, this may be out of reach. Such a job can be a full 1-2 day project for a crew size of three experienced workers. Some of the aspects that make this a difficult job include materials, mobilization, and often time experience. Not every chimney interior is the same and being able to navigate chimney obstructions and determining how to remove them is  a practice learned through experience.

Stainless Steel Liner


Preparation For Chimney Liner Installation

First, remove the existing chimney damper and top chimney cap, if applicable. Sometimes, a metal grinder will be needed to cut out the existing damper and sometimes removing the damper plate is sufficient. Second, you will need to break the existing clay flue liners from the top of the chimney down to the top of the smoke chamber. This work will be completed with the use of special power machine tools designed to break existing clay liners without damaging surrounding masonry. NOTE: You cannot typically downsize the liner into the existing clay liners. This will cause air flow problems and can produce backdraft and smoke in the house. 

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Chimney Liner Installation

After cleaning of debris, you install the new liner from the top down to the top of the smoke chamber. This work is completed using a continuous water and gas tight stainless-steel liner which should be the proper size. Installation includes insulating with “Thermix” insulation between the new stainless-steel liner and the inner chimney walls, or using a prewrap. Next, it is important to seal and/or parge the smoke chamber. There are special mixes for this. The importance of parging a smoke chamber is that it compliments the circularity of a stainless steel liner and helps begin a smoke funneling process out of the chimney. Additionally, being smooth, the smoke chamber will be much cleaner and not build up creosote easily. Clearing towards the end, the next steps include raking as required and tuck-pointing as necessary the fire box using heat stop cement.  As earlier we removed the damper, we will replace it with new a stainless steel save energy top damper with a rain/animal guard stainless steel cap.

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