How Long Does a Chimney Liner Last?

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Chimney liner choice basically comes down to three options. There are clay liners, stainless steel liners, and cast-in-place liners. Each has its own pros and cons in the two main factors considered – longevity and cost of installation. In this article, we will break down the different liner types and answer the question – how long does a chimney liner last?


Chimney Liner Lifespan


Clay Liner and Cast-in-place Liner Lifespan

Clay and cast-in-place can both last for a very long time upwards to 50 years. Unfortunately, if you live in Chicago you can expect a much shorter lifespan. Why? Clay and cast-in-place are much more vulnerable to cracking and losing their integrity because of the high variability in Illinois weather. Around winter times when there is a consistency of freeze and thaw of water and ice that really takes a toll on raw material like concrete, clay, and mortar. This is much less an issue on stainless steel as it does not hydrate like these materials.

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Stainless Steel Liner Lifespan

A typical 316 stainless steel liner used for fireplaces is about .006” thick. The estimated time to penetrate 1mm in heavier use is between 260-525 years. The math – we convert .006 inches to .1524 mm. We multiply .1524 mm by the low 260 and the high 525. The low is 39 and the high is 80. How long can a stainless-steel chimney liner last? Although not fully tested and proven as fact, the hypothesis stands that a stainless steel liner can last around 50 years. This is most likely lower for utility liners that are in use continuously and most likely higher for fireplaces which are used less often.

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