Fireplace Draft Problems – Shared Chimneys

rusted liner - utility liner

Fireplace draft problems are nothing to play around with. The danger of carbon monoxide, tasteless and odorless, is present with fireplaces and can be fatal. Side note – a carbon monoxide detector near your fireplace is a great idea! A fireplace should be build to code, but with regular wear and tear, improper repairs, or improper use – your chimney can begin to have some draft issues. In this article, we will cover one common issue which is shared chimneys and the effect of utility liners that can create fireplace draft problems.


Fireplace Draft Problems – Shared Chimneys


Utility Liner Gases Escaping

Fireplace draft problems are often noticed after lighting a fire for the first time in a while. A common issue we see is shared chimneys where actually the utility liner (exhaust for the water heater and/or boiler) causes the deterioration of the fireplace liner. How can this happen? Fireplaces are not in use every day, but utility liners are. The continuous gas can deteriorate the utility liner and eventually gases escape and deteriorate everything in the chimney.

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fireplace liner - deteriorated liner

Effect of Utility Gases

The issue now comes when there are holes or voids/gaps created by deteriorated mortar in the fireplace liner from the utility gases. As your fireplace begins to light the fireplace gases want a perfect funnel out of the chimney but are getting caught and slowed down by these new issues. So as the smoke builds and stays in the chimney too long it cools down. Hot air rises and cold air sinks – this is often when smoke begins to fill the house.

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