Firebox Rebuilding

Firebox maintenance is important and sometimes overlooked. Proper upkeep allows for safe use of a fireplace. Crumbling joints, creosote buildup from frequent use, and a lack of preventative cleanliness can lead to serious firebox damage and potentially require a complete firebox rebuild. At CTC Masonry Group, we offer expert firebox rebuild and chimney repair services that help your fireplace look great and run longer.

Our chimney repair services include:


Firebox rebuild process

When a firebox has deteriorated to the point where a simple repair is no longer viable, a firebox rebuild may be necessary.

During a rebuild, we prepare the immediate area to prevent excessive dust and debris buildup in the interior of the home. Once the area is prepped, we begin the dismantling process. Demolition is completed by carefully and expertly chiseling or grinding out the remaining mortar to safely remove the existing firebricks. Upon removal of all the firebricks we inspect any masonry behind and properly repair if necessary.

Upon completion of maintenance work behind the existing firebox, the firebox rebuild process begins. All our masonry work is built level, plumb, and square. The mortar is carefully smoothed using hand tools to create your choice of a variety of finishes. Typically, mortar is flush in firebox builds. It is important to note that firebox mortar, also known as, refractory cement is used and not typical mortar used for normal applications.

The lifespan of a firebox largely depends on usage, construction, and maintenance. When problems become apparent, it is often too late for simple repairs This is why regular maintenance and cleaning by a chimney sweep is important.


Some of the common firebox services we provide are:


  • Firebox tuckpointing: The simplest repair possible and typically done as maintenance work.
  • Partial firebox rebuild: Conducted typically on singular walls or sections. 
  • Total firebox rebuild:Conducted when the firebox is weak structurally, severe mortar deterioration has occurred, severe brick spalling has set and so forth.

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