Chimney Shoulder Flashing

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Water or moisture is the silent killer of masonry chimneys. A properly built chimney combats water perfectly and an aspect that is often overlooked is the chimney shoulder flashing. The shoulder although pitched still absorbs water and the water can run through the shoulder and into the chimney, slowly cracking up bricks with freeze and thaw. Chimney shoulder flashing, when present, will drain water out to the exterior and extend the life of your chimney.


Chimney Shoulder Flashing


Chimney Shoulder Preparation

If you are getting work done on the shoulders of your chimney, there are two reasons you may be doing so. First, the stone coping is already loose and is easily removed, or it is set solid but missing a proper flashing system. In this chimney shoulder flashing repair case, the existing caulking or mortar is cut or grinded out and then the stone coping is removed. During removal of the stone coping the stone coping can be salvaged or replaced with new. Recommendations will come based of the condition of the existing stone coping.

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Chimney Shoulder Application

Upon removal, the existing surface is swept and cleaned. From there we install a through-wall rubberized asphalt flashing. Quality rubber flashing will last a very long time and is impenetrable by water. Prior to setting of the stone coping, weep ropes are set on the edges of the mortar or caulking base. Weep ropes help absorb any sitting water on the flashing and drain it to the exterior. It is that simple!

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At Coast to Coast Masonry Group (CTC), we repair, restore, protect, and preserve masonry including brick, stone, or even a chimney crown. Whether it is a necessary chimney rebuild, a broken glass block window, or shoulder flashing our expert masons are here to help. We use the latest masonry technology techniques to restore brick and protect your home.

We at CTC Masonry are the complete solution to your masonry needs and making your chimney last longer. We highly value our clients and seek to gain their confidence by offering the highest level of customized chimney tuckpointing services and masonry products at a competitive price.

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