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Building a retaining wall is a tedious job. You can get away with heavy rocks and stones stacked or you may prefer a more elegant brick/stone and mortar finish. If this is the case, build it right the first time to save yourself from having to rebuild the whole wall again, losing a lot of money. To build a masonry retaining wall properly, two key factors include a proper foundation and properly water resistant.


Brick Retaining Wall



If I lack good education in my addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, I will not be able to function come time for algebra. In sum, my foundation for algebra was weak. The lack of foundation in anything is an issue. When it comes to your masonry retaining wall, this is no different story. As this wall is a functional AND aesthetic piece, it needs to be foundationally sound. This proper foundation is a proactive approach to keeping the mortar and bricks from shifting and cracking. It is recommended to have your base be a re-barred concrete foundation. To learn about why rebar and concrete work so well, check out our previous article.

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retaining wall flashing - waterproofingWater Resistance

In Illinois, we face constant freeze and thaw water conditions throughout the year. This is an absolute killer to masonry, but only if not built right. So with a brick retaining wall, how can we make it as water resistant as possible, asides from a strong foundation? There are two steps – the first being proper top flashing, and the second being waterproofing. Prior to installing a top sill, there should be a proper flashing system being a barrier from any water absorbed at the top, and the remaining wall. When waterproofing, the entire outer façade of brick can be coated preventing water from being absorbed and eventually going through any freeze and thaw damage.

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