Are Chimney Caps Necessary? Part 2

Draft Increasing Chimney Caps - Chimney Caps Chicago

Chimney caps are like a swiss army knife. In our part 1 article on chimney caps, we highlighted the benefits they provide in preventing rain/water damage, as well as, keeping animals out of your chimney. Part 2 below, highlights how chimney caps can prevent backwards draft into your house and even prevent potential fires!

Chimney Caps Protect Against Backwards Drafts, Sparks and Ember

In this “part 2” article, we highlight the additional roles/benefits of chimney caps. We first highlight a non traditional chimney cap – draft-increasing chimney cap. This uses wind that originally may have been pulled into your house and works to do the opposite and pull a draft out of your house.  Second, we highlight the benefit of preventing sparks from exiting the chimney. Fires are not something to risk, so we highlight how a chimney cap can actually work to minimize this risk.


At Coast to Coast Masonry, we like to get to the root of the problem. Typically, if there is a backwards draft into your house through your fireplace, there is a number of possible culprits – the flue liner can be dirty; the flue liner can be incorrectly sized; the chimney height can be too short; etc.

Sometimes, however, the physics of your neighbors properties, your house, and your chimney all combined create a unique situation with the wind. How can these unique wind related drafts be fixed? Often times extending the flue or chimney height does the trick, however, that may not be in your budget. The bandage here is draft-increasing chimney caps. When the wind hits these chimney caps, the upward draft out of the chimney is actually increased and can potentially fix your entire problem.

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Chimney Caps Chicago - Chimney Draft Fix

Sparks and Ember

Sparks and ember should not be coming out of your chimney. Regardless, a few years of chimney use and lack of chimney maintenance can lead to some build-up. Under the right conditions, the build-up can flake, light, and escape your chimney. The issue here is the sparks can land on your roof, dry trees, etc. and start a fire. Typical? No. Possible? Absolutely.

A regular cap will be sufficient to prevent any dangerous exit of sparks and ember. Again, this is not common by any means, but it has happened and is a real possibility to happen to you.

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