Are Chimney Caps Necessary? Part 1

Chicago Chimney Cap Installation - Stainless Steel Cap

Chimney caps, like the hood of a car, protect the expensive hardware below. Chimney caps offer great benefits and can save you a lot of money, simply by protecting a vulnerable part of a chimney, your flue liner.

Think about it this way… would you keep your windows open 24/7? No. Why is this? You don’t want water or animals to get in, or even heat when you’re cooling the house. Below, we highlight the benefits/purpose of chimneys caps.

Chimney Caps Protect Against Rain/Water and Animals

First and foremost, a chimney cap will protect the inside of the expensive structure below. How? Well, a ‘stainless steel rain and animal guard’, or chimney cap, does just as it is named – guard against rain and animals.

Rain, Water

Whether the root of the problem or the aftermath, water is typically involved in any damage to your chimney. When there is a flue opening at the top of your chimney that is not covered with a chimney cap, it is welcoming a chain of water issues. Especially in Chicago, when it rains or snows in cold temperatures, there follows a freeze and thaw cycle of water. When the clay flue liners, mortar, or bricks absorb water and the water freezes, it expands inside. Eventually, this leads to cracking and deteriorating of the different parts of the chimneys. Like an umbrella works to cover you below it, a chimney cap and crown does the same to the chimney structure below.

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Chicago Chimney Caps - Stainless Steel Chimney Cap


How does a chimney cap prevent raccoons, birds, and more from entering and not limit proper airflow of a chimney? The sides of a chimney cap are a thing metal mesh pattern that allows air to flow freely and have gaps small enough to prevent animals from entering. Without a chimney cap, the animals may enter the chimney and there are a few issues that can arise with that. An easy way down but not up for these animals. This can leave you with dead animals stinking up your house.

Additionally, you may have to deal with chimney swifts. These are birds protected by law and when they nest in your chimney, you cannot use it! The one reason not to stress is they typically nest in warm weather months, so you may not use your chimney at that time. Beware though, chimney swifts come back to the same nest every year.

There are more benefits to chimney caps – part 2 read here.

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